Image Retouching

We have set up a dedicated image processing center for the further processing of e-commerce photography to accommodate this workflow.

We custom adapt and coordinate these processes individually for each customer. Our in-house color management makes it possible for us to show your products in high fidelity colors.

Thanks to our in-house capacities, which we utilize for instance for the masking of photographs, we are in a position to deliver shop-ready photographs even more quickly and efficiently.  All along the process chain, the images are subjected to continuous quality checks.

Video post production

We offer various post production solutions including:

On set post production services and support during filming, be in control of the edit as it happens – footage from camera to completion on the day.

Asset management, filming many different products and tracking each media asset as it moves through the workflow.

CGI, VFX, Compositing & Web Experience: taking video viral and creating a user experience for a product launch or seasonal range.

Retouching: we offer video retouching services and have a range of software solutions and techniques.

We can tailor our services to meet your Creative Brief and provide support and assistance along the way. Contact us for more information.